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Training is for employees...
Our employees are one of the primary strengths that make us successful. Our strength increases every year as people from a young and dynamic generation join our ranks. We have always believed in the capabilities of young people and we have adopted the principle of working together with them over the long term by providing continual support for their development.

Based on this confidence, we have worked energetically from the time we laid the foundation for Arkas Academy in 2007 until it opened. We made significant investments in this project, which we believe in wholeheartedly. Our goal is not only to train qualified personnel but also to help out you young people, who are Turkey’s future.


In our professional lives, we should not think of training as being separate from experience. In this regard, Arkas Academy will give you access to a wealth of experience. At Arkas Academy, you will be able to learn not only from expert trainers but also from our managers, who have decades of experience. You will learn about helpful practices and experiences that they have gained over time and which you cannot learn theoretically. You have a wonderful opportunity to thoroughly learn and apply this information, which is worth its weight in gold.
There is a huge need for skilled human resources in Turkey in the areas of shipping, port operations and shipping agencies. At Arkas Academy, our employees will become experts at the international level and will increase the quality of human resources in Turkey and in our sector.
Training is for life. Continual training is the key that will make you successful.
We will always support you in your development as long as you work at Arkas. I believe that together we will help Arkas achieve even more progress. I wish you success in all your work.



Lucien Arkas