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Our employees are one of the primary reasons for our success in achieving our goals.

Arkas’ emphasis on service and customer satisfaction is a pioneering approach in the transportation sector and forms the guiding principle of our human resources policy for the 21st century.

We are proud of our well-educated and technologically skilled workforce and of their dynamic team spirit, positive attitude, creativity and initiative. They value their role at Arkas and continually strive for even higher levels of excellence. We are also proud of the outstanding leaders who manage this workforce. The average age of 7300 employees on the Arkas payroll is 33.


The primary aim of our human resources policy is the development and preservation of Arkas Awareness and Culture.

- We want all employees to feel they are a part of the Arkas Group and to be proud of that distinction.

- Because we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, we build our employee relationships on a strong and lasting foundation. No working relationship is regarded as temporary. Our goal is to attract talented people into our organization and to foster and encourage their long-term development and success.

- Job Adaptation Training for newly hired personnel is reinforced by on-the-job and external training to track their progress.

- Arkas is an equal opportunity employer. Our rigorous application of this policy ensures that hiring, as well as progress and promotion within the company, will be free of discrimination based on race, gender or beliefs.

- We take meticulous care in employee selection, placement and career development. Our criteria for success include loyalty, honesty, sensitivity, aptitude for teamwork, a strong work ethic, and both personal and interpersonal professionalism.


Arkas Holding carries out a competency based recruitment process in accordance with the job requirements.
Because Arkas Holding companies are active in many fields within the international transportation and service sectors, we have a wide range of human resources needs. While screening the applications, personal competencies as well as education, experience and foreign language abilities are important criteria to select the right candidate for the vacant positions. Arkas Holding has a standard recruitment process in each location and for each position.  Reliable and objective methods are used in selection and placement process.
The candidates can apply the job advertisements both on newspapers and online ( ) and can send their resume at for general applications. All applications are reviewed in detail and are considered for the suitable positions. Even if there are no vacant positions avaliable at the time being, it is possible for the candidates to be invited to a general interview and according to the assessment results, they can be considered for the future positions.


Arkas Holding and Arkas Group companies offer internships for high-school and university students, particularly those attending institutions that require an internship experience. Arkas Holding and its subsidiary companies track the students' performance during the internship and often offer post-graduation employment to successful interns.

Beginning in April of each year, university students may apply for the summer (June 16-September 15) internship program.

Beginning in August, industy or vocational high-school students may apply for the fall/spring semester-based internship program (September 15-June 14).


Arkas Holding's competitive salary system is designed to attract and retain high-quality employees. For this reason, employee competence and performance, as well as market conditions, are taken into consideration in determining salaries. HAY Payroll system is being used at our company.


After completion of their initial trial period, all Arkas employees are covered by a private health-insurance plan. In addition, managers are eligible for regular heath check-ups.

After the trial period, Arkas employees are also entitled to apply for loans through the Assistance Loan Program.

Bus or minibus transportation along predetermined routes is available to employees working in the Holding or its companies. Meals are also provided, either served by a contract food service or purchased with meal-ticket vouchers.

Various social and cultural activities are organized to reinforce corporate communication and to promote employee morale.


The Arkas Performance Evaluation System, implemented in 2001, links individual employee goals to the company's strategic targets and analyzes individual performance to enhance future productivity. Using the results of the Performance Evaluation System for career tracking and planning, employees can develop the basic competencies needed to take advantage of opportunities for promotion or for rotation between departments or companies.


All Arkas companies participate in the equal-opportunity Training and Development System, which provides training to enhance employee productivity.

Through these training programs, Arkas employees can acquire or improve the technical knowledge and skills needed for their current job descriptions or for future job positions in accordance with their career planning.

All new employees are obliged to participate in Job Adaptation Training, which begins on their first day on the job.