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As a corporate group with 67 companies operating in logistics and related sectors, Arkas Holding makes quality and customer satisfaction a major priority as it carries out its operations in all areas of the transportation industry. Our corporation has adopted a customer-oriented administrative style, making investments based on customer needs and expectations in order to provide better service to its customers by maintaining and raising quality standards.Customer Relationship Management works to identify customer needs and evaluates the services that our customers receive from Arkas Holding companies. 


Having adopted the goal of developing a long term communication process with our customers, Customer Relationship Management forms a bridge between Arkas Holding companies and the customers they serve, thus creating an alternative communication channel. By means of this communication process, the department serves to identify customer needs and expectations, improve awareness about customer services, and as a result, to achieve the goal of increasing the quality of service and level of satisfaction.


Customer Visits: Personal visits are carried out in an effort to improve relations with customers and to identify customer needs and expectations.

Complaint Management: This includes follow-up and coordination from the time customer complaints, requests and suggestions are received until they are resolved.Customer complaints, requests and suggestions are gathered by channels that include visits, web sites, suggestion/request forms and telephone calls, after which they are registered in the Arkas Blue Line system. The issues are forwarded to the relevant departments, ensuring that the necessary response is taken to conclude the matter.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Customers who receive service from Arkas Holding companies are queried periodically with online surveys to identify their needs, problems and the level of their satisfaction with business processes.

Informational Meetings and Presentation : Informational Meetings and Presentations  are held that bring employees and customers together to present and inform about business processes at Arkas Holding companies, such as warehouses and ports.


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