Message From The Chairman - Arkas Holding S.A.
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Our faith in Turkey and the Turkish economy has been the driving force behind our investments even in times of economic slowdown. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2008 the Arab Spring and the Euro crisis in Europe in started 2011, the Turkish economy maintained its solid, steady growth.

Turkey is one of the countries where the economy has recovered the fastest, demonstrating once again that our confidence and forecasts were not misplaced. We continued with our investments in spite of negative developments abroad. 

Arkas currently operates in many different fields, including, agency services, ship operations, port operations, logistics services that integrate sea, land, rail and air transportation as main fields and bunkering, automotive, insurance services, information systems and tourism.
Bernard Arkas, Lucien Arkas, Diane Arcas   

Since 1997, we have worked hard to grow both at home and abroad and these efforts continue in 43 offices located in 23 countries. We continue to make infrastructure investments so that we can implement abroad the integrated service chain policy that has formed the foundation of our success in Turkey and ensured that Arkas quality is consistently superior. As a shipping company that provides regular service in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, one of the things that is most important to us is providing agency services in these countries for the world's leading shipping companies we have represented in Turkey for many years.

We believe that the future of Turkey is in Anatolia. The investments we call the Arkas Anatolian Project are ongoing and aim to provide affordable transportation services to the industrialists and investors in the region by connecting Anatolian cities to ports and to the world. An important dimension of development on this project is taking advantage of the railroad and increasing the number of cabotage shipments with regular service. For this reason, implementation of new regulations in our country related to railway shipping and efficient cabotage shipments between domestic ports in our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, are very important to us.

Our insightful approach, our practice of making long-term plans and our commitment to our business have carried us from an initial dream to a major accomplishment.

Our business philosophy will not change. We will always work to contribute to the growth and development of our country with our 66 companies and 7300 employees in 57 offices including Turkey, and provide our customers with the best service backed by the Arkas quality guarantee.

Lucien ARKAS
Arkas Holding Chairman